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Friday, June 5, 2020

How to earn $1000 per month online from our home.

How to earn $1000 online from your home.

1.Freelance Writing
I’m going to start with a method that’s near and dear to my heart. Freelance writing was the first way I started making serious money when I was in college, and I still think it’s a great thing to try if you have writing skills.
There are a ton of companies out there that need written content, including blog posts, video scripts, website copy, and more. They’re willing to pay, too; a starting writer can easily charge $50 for an article. 
More experienced writers can charge $150/article or more, depending on the length and subject matter. Work your way up to that level, and writing just two articles a week could net you $1,200 a month.

Upwork, Fiverr, and ProBlogger. etc are many more sites.

2.Graphic Design

Companies aren’t just hungry for written content; they’re also constantly in need of graphics, illustrations, logos, custom slide decks, and other graphic design assets.

The steps for getting started with freelance graphic design are fairly similar to freelance writing. You can search on UpworkFiverr, or even 99designs for gigs. Alternatively, you can ask around campus to see if anyone needs design help. Making business cards and logos for people can be an especially fruitful place to start. you can earn up to $1500 PER MONTH

3.Web Development

Having a website is a must these days, yet so many businesses and individuals still don’t have one. This is a great opportunity for anyone with web development skills to make some serious money.
But what if I don’t know how to make a website? Just read our guide, and now you have no excuses. Combine that with a few web development tutorials on Skillshare, and you’ll have all the skills you need to build beautiful, functional websites for just about anyone.

Our web developer, Martin, was able to charge $1,000 for a basic website when he was freelancing. And those development skills eventually led him to a full-time career working for College Info Geek. So whether you want to make some extra money on the side or enter an in-demand, well-paying field, web development is worth learning.

4.Audio Transcription

Voice recognition technology is getting better every day, but it still isn’t great at transcribing real human speech. For this reason, there’s a demand for skilled audio transcriptionists.
Audio-what-zionists? When transcribing audio, all you do is listen to a recording and turn it into a word document. All kinds of companies and people need this service, and they’re willing to pay. While you can do this on your own, it’s generally better to work for an audio transcription company. This way, you don’t have to find clients.

I recommend looking into Rev — pay starts at $0.36 per minute of audio, which means you need to transcribe around 50 hours of audio per month (12.5 per week) to hit the $1,000 mark.

5.Investing Your Money

I’ll state this upfront: Compared to every other method on this list, investing will take by far the longest amount of time to make you an extra $1,000 a month. Still, you should seriously consider investing as early as you possibly can.

Here’s why: Investing means putting your money to work for you. Every other method here requires you to essentially trade hours for dollars; investing allows you to sit back as the money you have invested grows due to compound interest.

That means that you gained a whopping $156,000 while you slept.


It's a good and best passive income generator. If you have the best experience and beginner to learn writing this site is good for you to learn. If you have the best writing skills this carrier is good for you.

you can earn up to $100 minimum and $150000 maximum per month.


What is affiliate marketing?

here is the answer= Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. 

How much do you earn from affiliate marketing?

Low-level affiliates, who earn up to $300/day; Intermediate affiliates, who earn from $300/day up to $3,000/day; High-level affiliates, who earn above $3,000/day.


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