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Monday, June 15, 2020

NEWS: Scientists Develop | A | 3D Artificial EYE | Latest Science and Technology News |

 You are reading Scientists Develop Worlds First 3D Artificial EYE Today, science has exceeded in the world of health and medicine and several people's lives can also be saved with its accomplishments. Science has also made better, the lives of those disabled people, who rely on science to eliminate their disability. One such disability is blindness. Such a person cannot see from one of his eyes or from both eyes. To get rid of this disability, Hong Kong University of science and technology has made the first 3D artificial eye of the world. According to scientists, this eye is not only a lot better than the so far made bionic eye but also the human eye. In recent times, Hong Kong University of science and technology has worked on this project, in collaboration with the University of California. They told a journal named Nature, whatever came up. This electrochemical eye is the shape of the human eye, and it can keep more functions than a normal human eye. For instance, in the future, the infrared radiation will also be seen in the dark. Scientists say that this artificial eye can directly be connected to the human brain through microwires, and they can work by getting current from the brain nerves. Did you see it? today's extreme efforts of the science of making transhuman, by putting together human and machine. In the next 5 years, you will get to know such news over and over again. Because up to 2023, they have plans to evolve human by merging him with the machine, Make them Evolve those who believe in Evolution, they believe that humans should keep evolving in order to survive so that transhuman agenda can be fulfilled. Remember, anything that works with an electric current can be connected to the internet so that the internet of things can be used. And if a human body has eyes, legs, arms, or anything that works with the electric current, then it can easily be hacked through the internet. I don't know how the upcoming days will be like, but I know that mankind is living on his last day. For further updates, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon. I will see you in the next video till then take very good care of yourself. Bye-bye


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