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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Top 10 features of Google nest.


 The Google Nest Mini is one of the most important products that Google makes. It's the most accessible ambient computing product in Google's lineup. As we continue to connect more and more ofour devices to the Internet, the Nest Mini is the perfect smart speaker forplaying music and media, controlling your smart home devices, and answering generalqueries and helping you with everyday tasks. In the six months I've had ourNest Mini, I've enjoyed using this device and overall I think it's a worthysuccessor to the Google Home Mini. So let's go ahead and dive into some of themain features of this device, the setup experience, reliability, downsides, andthen ultimately if I recommend getting a Nest Mini. First up, let's talk about oneof the big three features of the Nest Mini, which is playing music and media.The Nest Mini's design lends itself to be a pretty great smart speaker for areasin your home that you don't really care about sound quality. For a $49 USdollar speaker that you can usually get for less than that, it actually soundspretty good and it does sound better than the Google Home Mini and that'slikely due to the new 40 millimeter driver that is found in the Nest Mini.Now here's a sound comparison between the Nest Mini and some other Googlespeakers. One of the main ways to play music onthe Nest Mini is to use the Google Assistant, Google's smart assistant thatyou use by saying a trigger word which we're not going to say in this video butanytime we would use a trigger word you're going to see the text below that you see right now. You say that ask a question and then the Google Assistant will give you an answer so if you want to play music on the Nest Mini using theGoogle Assistant, you can play music from Spotify, YouTube Music, PandoraiHeartRadio, Deezer, Google Podcasts, and TuneIn. There's no Apple Musicintegration with the Google Assistant on the Nest Mini, so if you have an Androidphone and you use Apple Music.

 all you have to do is actually just cast your device's audio to the Nest Mini and it'll work over Google's Chromecastnow if you have an iPhone unfortunately that option to use the cast system isnot available to you, but the Nest Mini does support bluetooth pairing so youcan simply stream your music to the Nest Mini over Bluetooth. all you have to dois tell Google to enable bluetooth pairing mode...Google: "Sure, to connect, openBluetooth settings and look for the device called Josh's bathroom speaker."Take out your phone and open up Bluetooth settings and then pair it with theNest Mini, you'll then be able to play whatever you want on your Nest Mini overthe Bluetooth connection. Now when you're playing any media on the nest mini youhave a couple of options when it comes to controlling that media on the deviceitself. You could of course use your voice to play, pause, skip, increase ordecrease the volume, or you could use the touch controls on the device itself. Whenyou place your hand near a Nest Mini when media is playing the volume LEDswill illuminate tap the volume buttons. To raise or lower the volume to playor pause the media that you're listening to, tap the top part of thespeaker once.

 Now there's one more button on the Nest Mini to talk about andthat's the mute switch at the back of the device. Unlike other smart speakersout there it's a physical switch so when you mute the Nest Mini, the connection tothe microphone is physically disconnected, meaning there's no way toturn on the mics on the Nest Mini if it has been muted. You can still cast musicand media to a muted Nest Mini and the touch controls will still work.Alright now back to the music features and the last feature I want to mentionwhich I use a lot is being able to include the Nest Mini in a Google castspeaker group. In the Google home app you can group your Google speakers togetherto create a speaker group for me.

 I keep my Nest Mini in the bathroom so I can listen to the news when I'm getting ready in the morning or listen to music when I'm in the shower, but I also include my Nest Mini in a speaker group called Josh's bedroom speakers, so when I'm moving about my room as well as my bathroom, typically like on weekends when I'm doing my weekend cleaning, I can listen to music and podcasts throughout the entire space which is great.Moving on the second major thing that I use my nest mini for is controlling thesmart devices in my home the Maine smart devices I have are my thermostat smartlightbulbs and smart plugs the Google assistant on the nest mini can interactwith all the various smart home products I have and control them so I can ask mynest mini to turn down the thermostat turn on a light or start a routine thathas various actions built in from a single trigger phase like good morningor bedtime etc routines can be set up in the main page on the Google home app andif you're curious about smart homes and want to learn more about how to buildone we did a video on that topic so I'll make sure to add a card here in thisvideo as well as add a link to it in the video description belowthe last main thing I use the Nesta mony for is asking the Google assistant for information or help with household tasks like setting timers and reminders nowI'm not going to get into everything the Google assistant can do in this video weactually did another video on that exact topic so if you're interested inlearning more about the Google assistant I'll leave a link to that video here inthe video card as well as I'll leave a link to it in the video descriptionbelow so what are some things that I like to ask the Google assistant to dofor me well here are a couple of examples Ilike to ask it to play the news play the news here's the latest newsfrom NPR news now at 6:00 p.m. today live from NPR news.

 I'm Jack spear what's the weather like today in Raleigh tonight it's predicted to be 59 degrees with rain right now it's 58 degrees with showers there is currently a flash flood watch in effect I'll also ask it all sorts of random things like how do Iknow when I need to water my spider-plant on the website Wikidot-com they say if the top one inch or so of soil is dry it's time to water your spider plant watering moderately or onceper weeks during the first year should be sufficient to keep the soil consistently moist but not overly wet or when was the bidet invented 17th century here's a summary from the website en dot Wikipedia org the bidet appears to have been an invention of French furniture makers in the late 17th century you can usually ask it anything you'd normally type into a Google search bar and it'll give you an answer it's also really useful for tasks like spelling out words how do you spell euphemism is spelled e up e em

 I SMdefined spindrift here's the definition of spindriftspray blown from the crests of waves by the wind what's another word fortelemetry on the website inter Glatt com they say measurement measuring measuremensuration and it'll even help you pronounce words besides gettinginformation from Google I'll also ask the assistant to help me with everydaytasks like setting a reminder for a specific time taking a note or setting atimer remind me to take out the trash in two hours alright I'll remind you at9:10 p.m. set a timer for 18 minutes 18 minutes starting nowtake a note sure what's the note don't forget to talk about the nest minisettings in the Google home app okay saving your note by the way you cancheck your notes any time just ask what are my notes probably one of the thingsI'll ask it the most especially when I'm in the shower is what time is itit's 7 11 p.m. say goodbye to running late for zoom meeting because yet tooktoo long in the shower because you didn't know what time it wasmoving on those are the main features that I use my nest mini for now let'stake a look at the setup experience as well as I'll take you through some of myfavorite settings that you can enable with the nest mini settings on theGoogle home app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Androidand the App Store for iOS devices setting up the nest mini is quite simpleand takes only a minute or two the app guides you through all of the steps youneed to take in order to set it up and train the Google assistant to recognizeyour voice if this is your very first google assistant product the Google homeapp is the app that you'll use to control a variety of google mess devicesas well as other devices like smart plugs or lights that connect to your Google assistant when you click on your nest mini device in the app it'll bringyou to the main page where you can adjust the volume of media that'scurrently playing on your device as well as a shortcut for EQ settings for the nest mini and then up at the top right hand corner there's a gear icon thatwill take you to the main settings for the device

the main settings houses alot of important features that can make the experience using a nest mini evenbetter and I'll take you through some of my favorite ones that I found to bequite useful over the past six months one setting I always make sure to changeis the volume for alarms and timers moving on down you'll see the sectionfor speaker groups adjusting the speaker groups and being able to see what groupsof my nest mini is currently in is something that I utilize quite a bitI've got several speaker groups in my home and will sometimes switch whichdevice

  I want to put where so I end up changing the room for the devices aswell as the speaker groups quite often further on down you'll see that I'veenabled my nest mini in the preview program which will give my many newfeatures first before they're rolled out to a wider audience though it's not allupside sometimes the software can be a bit buggy from time to time night modeis another feature that I use on every Google assistant device I own it reducesthe response volume from the Google assistant at night as well as lowers thebrightness of the leds on top of the nest mini you can set different timesand days for when you want night mode to be enabled you can also turn on do notdisturb for one night mode enabled and do not disturb will blockout sounds from reminders broadcast messages and other notifications on thedevice do note though it will not block out sounds from alarms or timers lowervolume when listening is another really useful feature for making sure that theGoogle assistant can hear you over the media plane this feature will lower thevolume of anything playing on your speaker so the assistant can hear you one new software update that Google pushed out to the nest many in our sixmonths of testing it was the ability to adjust the responsiveness of the Wake word.

which is super useful if you put your Nesta mony behind an object or inthe bathroom and it's trying to hear you over the noise of the shower now thelast thing I'll mention is a feature that I actually talked about earlier inthis video where the nest minis LEDs will turn on when you wave your handover it and media is plain that feature can be enabled from this page overall inthe past six months I've enjoyed using the Google Nest Mini and I haven't runinto any issues with the device I think it's a solid improvement over theoriginal Google home Mini and I like that Google used recycled materials intheir construction of the device and one other minor improvement that they madewas to the clips for cord management they're much better on the nest Mini theonly thing I don't like about the nest emoni is the circular plug that Googleuses with it it's fine if you're just plugging the device into the wall but ifyou're trying to plug it into a power strip that is already pretty full it canbe kind of a pain the Google Nesta Mini retails for forty nine US dollars but itoften goes on sale for less than that you can purchase one on the Google storein various colors and at other retailers if you liked this video and found ithelpful make sure you hit that thumbs up button below and subscribe to thechannel to see more Google product related videos and six months later reviews like this one for 6 Months Later I'm Adi, thanks for visiting.

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