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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What are the major problems among 15+ students?

 What are the major problems among 15+ students?

As we know that our 20th-century is too smart and many countries have grown. Many countries provide their good in all kinds of fields ex- tech field, agriculture field, defense field, transportation field, and many more fields. But they not good among 15+  students maturity.

15 is the age when boys and girls have to go on a new stage of life. And this time is very crucial for all students. At this age, many students Approx 90 percent of students are going on the wrong path. ex- they look for fun, they use their smartphone about a whole day from this their Iq level is going down. Their nerve cells are going too weak.  I shared a screenshot with you so can you easily understand.

And many more serious diseases come from the mobile.  

Among 15+ groups Addiction is also a major problem. There are some types of Addiction that are very popular among this age group.
Addiction is very common among this group. Family and environment play a major role in the development of teens. 

There is the list of common addiction which is very common.

1. Addiction to Mobile phones.

2. Addiction to Drugs.

3. Addiction to Alcohol.

4. Addiction to earn money illegally.

and many more serious addictions.

When they use the phone to Buy illegal products hackers will trap them and told them to do work for them. Where some teens are going to depression and die. This is a major problem where countries do not do attention. 


1. Being careful and active.

2. Parent's duty has to not provide a smartphone and if you provide then check the daily activities that they do.

3. Provide a good environment and check their friend's behavior.


                                                   JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT

                                                                   STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.


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